RWP’s Thanksgiving Day Relay

10-Mile Relay • 2-Mile • 4-Mile • November 25th-29th, 2020. Portland, Oregon or Anywhere in the world!

Introducing A Brand New Holiday Classic!

Run with Paula Events presents The Thanksgiving Day Relay • 2-Mile • 4-Mile! Get your family moving together this Thanksgiving Day. The relay event is 10 miles with up to 10 people. Individual events include the 2-mile and 4-mile distances. Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends in person, or zooming your way around the world, kick off your Thanksgiving Season with a fun, fitness challenge. RWP’s Thanksgiving Day Relay invites you to run or walk your route anywhere on the planet, or check out our actual routes right here in Portland! Our relay and indivudal events encourage familes, friends, and neighbors to get moving, to celebrate the season, and to work together towards a common goal.

Run anywhere in the world or use one of our amazing routes!


Individual 2-Mile Event

10-Mile Relay

10 Mile Relay with up to 10 People


Individual 4-Mile Event

Something For Everyone!

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family and friends, and to reflect on the things for which we are thankful. 2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year and we have seen so many amazing displays of the human spirit. From frontline workers, to teachers, to grocery store clerks, people all over the country have stepped up their efforts to help us all navigate. Many families have been compelled to stay apart. Give your kids, your parents, or your grandparents the chance to celebrate with the family-send them a race packet and encourage them to move with you!

For so many people, focusing on exercise and fitness took a back seat to the bigger picture BUT we think exercise and fitness is a major part of the bigger picture. And for those who have dusted off their high school PE uniforms, and broke out their old sneakers to give running or walking a second chance, Welcome Back! Rediscovering fitness is a silver lining for sure and we applaud each and every one of you.

So whether you are gathering in small groups on Thanksgiving Day or zooming around the planet to see your family members, join together to complete this year’s Thanksgiving Day Relay!

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2020 Relay Details:

How the relay works: designate a team captain who will register your team. Teams are made up of 2 to 10 people and can be comprised of actual family members, or friends, co-workers, or neighbors. Of course, the relay event is meant to encourage fun, fitness, and togetherness…but a little competition is always great, especially on Thanksgiving when actual games are limited.  Get your family moving together this Holiday Season. Relay Example: your relay team is made up of 5 team members and each team member runs or walks 2 miles for 10 miles total. Easy peasy! When all team members are finished, add  up your individual times to get your team’s 10-mile finish time.

Resources for Racers


Registration is now open. Register your team of up to ten people. No team? No problem. Individuals can register for the 2-mile or 4-mile distances. Registration includes an awesome Thanksgiving Day Relay (TDR) face mask, a short sleeve heather-poly (super comfy) tech t-shirt, and a commemorative Thanksgiving Day Relay Bib number.

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Race Packets

In person packet pick up begins on Monday, November 23rd at Portland Running Company in Beaverton: Want to customize your race bib? Sign up by November 13th to add your team name, your knick names, or individual names. If you are somehwere else besides our fair city, we can ship your packets to you for $10. Race Packets include shirts, bib numbers, and face masks.


CUSTOMIZE YOUR BIBplease note your actual name and then the text that you would like to include on your bib. Limit to ten characters.

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Route Suggestions

We have mapped out downtown 2-mile and 4-mile routes. Since this is a virtual event, you can also do your 2-mile or 4-mile routes anywhere in the whole wide world! For the relay, there are so many combinations! 5 people can head out for a 2 mile walk together. 10 people can do a mile each and air high five as they go. Track. Road. Trail. The possibilities are endless.

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RWP Thanksgiving Day Relay 4-Miler Map

RWP Thanksgiving Day Relay 2-Miler Map


Thank You To Our Partners

Paula Harkin, along with husband Dave Harkin, are committed to producing fun, challenging, safe, world-class events. Stay tuned for more infomation regarding 2021 and beyond!

Paula and Dave Harkin, RunWithPaula Events