Once I participated in one of your events they became my events, you put so much into them – The whole aura of your events is quite different from the other walk/run events, and I just can’t wait, I’m going to try and participate in as many as I can.  You get addicted to the actual task of walking or running, what a high you can get from the event and all the people involved.  I love RUNWITHPAULA.

Thanks again Paula!!!!



Paula and Dave,

Thank you for such a fantastic event. Initially, I was a bit bummed the race was moved from Champoeg to Hillsboro…loved the small feel and how close it was to my house….but, the drive was worth the experience. The course was terrific. The country roads were just as peaceful as the river running by Champoeg. As for the small feel…still felt great and honestly, the more the merrier. Of course the mimosas, breakfast and celebration was just as good as it has ever been.

Hippie Chick is such an amazing gift to mothers…there was a lady on the corner around mile 5/12…her sign read, “Just think about all of the alone time you are getting.” It made me laugh and I found myself grinning and thinking, “It is amazing what we mothers have to do for alone time.” Then, it hit me…when we were kids, we would walk through the house yelling for our Mom. We weren’t mad; it was just a large house. Her famous response to this day, “Can’t I have two seconds to go to the bathroom?!” I get it now. I appreciate my alone time. 🙂

So, Hippie Chick provided many opportunities to reflect on being a mom, my own Mom and the amazing moms in my life. Thank you to the two of you and all of your volunteers. A job well done. I hope there was a bit of champagne left to toast the two of you.

Cheers. Have a great day.

T Schantin 🙂

Teresa Schantin
Aloha Huber Park School
Curriculum and Instruction
5000 SW 173rd Ave.
Beaverton, Or. 97007


Fun Blog from Helvetia Half Participant 2010 – read it here now!


runwithpaula.com“My family and I wanted to share what a good time we had at the Helvetia Half Marathon. We gathered as a family from all over the United States to run our first ever half marathon. Representing our universities by wearing our college t-shirts, we ran throughout the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest-photo attached. The course was absolutely fabulous with the mountains and farmland as a backdrop. We really appreciated the number of aid stations and volunteers available on the course. Thanks for a great time!”

– The Bell Family (P.S. The hills weren’t too bad….)

“I just wanted to say thanks for two great events! I walked the Hippie Chick and Helvetia both and enjoyed both immensely! You truly know how to put on an event! All aspects are organized and your support crew is always friendly and efficient. You do not make walkers feel like second class citizens as I have experienced in other events. Thanks again Paula and Team!!”

– Nancy Conner

runwithpaula.com “Thanks for another great race! I kept hearing comments as I ran about how organized, how many water/aid stations and how much fun people were having…in spite of the hills.

Thanks for another great day…the Portland running community is so lucky to have you organizing great days like today. Thanks so much!”

– Sandra

“Thanks for a great event. This was the first ever marathon of any kind for my sister and I and we had a blast, achieving our goal of finishing and doing it in less that 4 hours. 3:35 for both of us. Thought I’d share a picture from afterwards of our little group that walked today. We plan to be back next year and do it in even less time. Keep up the good work and if you know of any other walks (10K to half marathon) occurring in the local Portland/Vancouver area, I would appreciate a heads up. Now that I’ve “trained” and completed this one I want continue on with more. Again, great event. Thank you!!”

– Shara Bogan

“Yippee for me!!!!!! 3rd place in my age division 55-59 in the Helvetia Half

– Mary, AKA Runnermom

“I just wanted to say what a great race it was yesterday! It was equally impressive knowing it was the first annual, yet it felt like a seasoned eventfor how smoothly it ran. I’ve done your Hippie Chick event, so this was my second event of yours and I enjoyed both immensely. It’s great doing a racethat walkers and runners are cheered on equally. Being a power walker it’s nice having such a clearly marked course since you tend to fall behind the main pack and are on your own to make your way.I’m really looking forward to participating in many more of your events. Thanks for creating such great events that make staying fit so much fun!”

– Sarah Hillman of Salem, Oregon

Ran the race Sunday (Pints to Pasta 2008)and LOVED it! Great course. Great finish chute
(plenty of space to slow down after sprinting!). Great post race
stuff. I ran the best race of my life.

William Giles aka Brud (came in 81st!!! I can hardly believe it!)