Portland Bridge Loop Challenge Route Maps and information.


RACE #1: Steel Bridge – Hawthorne Bridge Loop: 2.8 Miles. Welcome to Portland! Our first race in the series is the original close-in waterfront loop and is a favorite for lunch time runners and walkers. Enjoy views of the city from the Eastbank Esplanade, a floating sidewalk right on the Willamette River! Course Notes: When crossing The Hawthorne Bridge, use the NORTH side of the bridge. Post your results for race #1 between June 1st and June 7th. Good Luck!


RACE #2: Steel Bridge – Tilikum Crossing: 4.0 Miles. The Tilikum Crossing is the newest bridge in the Portland area and was designed with pedestrians and mass transit in mind so there’s no cars! The Tilikum Crossing offers one of the few “hills” on the river loop so enjoy the view. A recent addition to the loop on SW Bond Ave shortened the loop to exactly 4 miles. Course note: please use the north side of The Tilikum Crossing to cross the Willamette River. Post your results for race #2 between June 8th and June 14th. Good Luck!


RACE #3: Tilikum Crossing-Sellwood Bridge Loop: 7.5 Miles. This loop head south from downtown and utilizes The Springwater Corridor, a 3-mile paved multi-use path on Portland’s Eastside. Urban nature seekers, watch for bald eagles and deer. Course notes: When crossing The Tilikum, use the north side of bridge. When crossing Sellwood Bridge, use the north side of bridge. Hug the river path through Willamette Park. Your total distance needs to be at least 7.5 miles so a short add-on may be necessary. Post your results for race #3 between June 15th and June 21st. Good Luck!

RACE #4: “THE LOOP: “10.5 Miles

RACE #4: “The Loop” Steel Bridge-Sellwood Bridge: 10.5 Miles. A standard in the endurance training community, this loop utilizes the Steel Bridge and Sellwood Bridge crossings which are generally regarded as the north and south ends of the Willamette River Path. On this loop, in additon to the two bridge crossings, you will have views of The Broadway Bridge and The Fremont Bridge (I-405) to the north, and you will pass under The Burnside Bridge, The Morrison Bridge, The Hawthorne Bridge, The Marquam Deck (I-5), The Tilikum Crossing, and the Ross Island Bridge. Course Note: When crossing the Sellwood Bridge, please use the north side of the bridge. You can post results for race #4 between June 22nd and June 28th. Good luck!

RACE #5: Bridge Loop Challenge Half Marathon: 13.1 Miles

RACE #5: The Portland Bridge Loop Challenge Half Marathon. Our half marathon route utilizes “The Loop” (10.5 miles) plus the Steel-Hawthorne Loop (2.6 miles). When crossing the Hawthorne Bridge, make sure to use the NORTH side of the bridge. Enjoy all that the Portland Bridge Loop Challenge has to offer during the climax to this amazing race series. Combined distance with both loops is about 13.1 miles. Remember to close both loops! Post your results for race #5 between June 29th and July 5th. Good Luck!