Hippie Chick Training Club:

Saturday, March 21: 5K/10K Time Trial – Hippie Chicks ran solo today and submitted their times via email. Amazing efforts for everyone. Here is a partial RESULTS list of finishers. Please send in your results so that we can add you to the results page. Congratulations. #HIPPIECHICKSTRONG

Monday, March 2: What a weekend. Hippie Chicks visited Southridge HS track for a little tag-team relay. We jogged about a mile to the track, did some brief warm up drills, and then found partners with similar paces. Half marathoners did 4 x 400m (1 lap) and quarter marathoners did 2 x 400m. Speedwork….works!

Monday, February 24th: Congratulations to our training group on completing their first 3-mile or 1.5 mile this weekend. Based on your pace from Saturday’s effort, we have placed you in a color group. View your mentors and your fellow Hippie Chick Training Pace Partners below. Your fitness may change during this program. You may move to a new group at any time. We encourage you to meet your training partners.