Welcome to Run With Paula’s Portland Bridge Loop Challenge-A Virtual Summer Waterfront Series packed full of real races!

From GLOBAL RUNNING DAY JUNE 3rd through INDEPENDENCE DAY, we are challenging you to join our Virtual Event to compete on our proposed REAL PDX Bridge Loops. Don’t live in the area? No problem. Wherever you are, simply log an effort of the equivalent distance and you’re in.

***Note: Shirts and badges are in the works. If you purchased a shirt, we will notify you when it is ready to be picked up.***

RACES: If you live in the area, here are our suggested routes:

Race 1: COMPLETED! Steel Bridge-Hawthorne Bridge Loop: 2.8 miles (June 1-7) (map)

Race 2: COMPLETED! Steel Bridge-Tilikum Crossing Loop: 4 miles (June 8-14) (map)Our newest addition to the Portland City Skyline, “The People’s Crossing” is a mass transit and pedestrian only bridge with wide paths and a great view of the downtown area (map).

Race 3:  Tilikum Crossing-Sellwood Bridge Loop: 7.5 Miles (June 15-21). The Tilikum Bridge “The People’s Crossing” to The Sellwood Bridge. The Sellwood Bridge was an historically extremely narrow part of the path but was renovated a few years ago to widen all lanes and is the city’s southernmost pedestrian friendly bridge (map). Thanks to Swiftwick Socks-the best running socks in the world-for supporting this event with age group prizes!

Race 4: : “The Loop” Steel Bridge-Sellwood Bridge Loop: 10.5 Miles (June 22-28) (map). This loop is a standard amongst the endurance athletes of the area. The loop is flat, scenic, and passes over or under 8 bridges (map).

Race 5:  Portland Bridge Loop Challenge Half. (June 29th-July 5th). Our half marathon uses the full Steel Bridge to Sellwood Bridge loop and adds the original Steel-Hawthorne Loop.  (map)

ROUTES: For all events, start the race at any point on the route. Just make sure to complete the full loop(s). For bridge crossings at Hawthorne, Tilikum, and Sellwood, use the NORTH side of the bridge path. Our series is designed to showcase our wonderful waterfront path, our amazing bridges, and of course our amazing city. But who’s the real star? You. You have a full week to complete each challenge and post your results.

PRICING: Individual events cost $15. Sign up for the series and save 10%!

COMPETITION & Awards: Compete in individual events for age group awards and other prizes OR register for the SERIES to compete across all the events. Prizes include socks, water bottles, hats, and epic grand prizes include Garmin watches, Brooks Shoes, TheraGun Minis, PRC shopping sprees, and more!

The Bridge Challenge also includes an age-graded scoring system. For each race, we will tabulate the overall results by time AND we will also create an age-grading system. The older you are, the better your odds!

THE GOODS ARE GOOD: Incldued in your series entry are 5 amazing races, and a $25 PRC Gift card! Commemorative race shirts are optional and cost $20 each. We are also creating iconic event badges for each race. When you complete a race, swing into Portland Running Co. to get your badge put right onto your shirt every week.

Whether you compete in a single race or join the series and take part in five events, this is an opportunity to dust off your racing kits, to join a community of competition, rewards, and fun, and support your local businesses and charities. Portland Bridge Loop Challenge is no walk in the park-it’s a race around Portland. If you’re suffering from virtual race fatigue, don’t worry, each race includes a chance to score big with random drawing prizes in addition to age group and overall awards, as well as age-graded awards for selected events.